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If I could do it all again, would I give him a second chance?

At almost twenty-two months past Dday, I still ponder what I would do if my husband strays again. It is not a founded doubt. He is more present and loving than ever before. Doubting is the voice of the knowledge I have acquired as a betrayed spouse.

The myth of living happily ever after after marrying “the one” has been debunked and a daily lease is all  I’ve been left with after the painful growth I experienced through infidelity.

If all I’ve gained is a daily lease, I must visualize how I would do it all again if I faced betrayal by my spouse. 
First and foremost, I know it will not kill me. Even if my wounded heart is broken again, I will know that the pain will pass and that there is no need to rush into changes that will affect our children who still live at home.
One of the most important lessons learned from my husband’s infidelity is that the decision to stray is 100% his. There are clear consequences if he does it again. My children and I would be saddened to see him go but I…

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