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A guide for the clueless ex-unfaithful

You have betrayed your spouse. S/he discovered you and you are now working on your marriage. It's been a few months since you stopped lying and you have remained committed to her/him. Suddenly, s/he starts doubting you. You might hear sentences like: `What are your real motives?`, `Are you acting out again?`. Do not panic and read on.

Congratulations for being out of the darkness of living a double life. You now have so much more energy available to fix the mess you got yourself into. You might be overthinking and analysing every move your betrayed spouse makes. S/he has worked very hard trying to make sense of your infidelity and you feel like you're walking on egg shells.
Remember that you feel some degree of relief since the secret is out but your spouse is only at the beginning of their timeline. They have just recently confirmed what was keeping you unavailable to them and the kids, if you have any. You might have gaslighted them for months or years. 
Regardless of the de…

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